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I have spotted in the Owner's Manual some items that are only configurable by your dealer and you may wish to change the configuration before you take delivery. The manual doesn't specify what the default value is, so ask your dealer and they can then be changed, if necessary, during commissioning.

Below are extracts from the manual together with page numbers to assist with your decisions:

Page 16
In some markets, the vehicle is fitted with a Passive arming feature which can, if enabled, automatically arm the anti-theft system. Passive arming will automatically arm the Perimeter alarm system 60 seconds after the driver's door is closed, provided that all of the other doors, the bonnet and the luggage compartment are also closed. The ignition must also be switched off with no valid Smart keys inside the vehicle.
Passive arming will not lock the vehicle, although access to the luggage compartment via the interior or exterior release buttons will be prevented and the fuel filler flap will be locked.
Passive arming can be enabled/disabled by a Dealer/Authorised Repairer.
Automatic relocking and re-arming is a feature which, if enabled, automatically relocks the vehicle and arms the anti-theft system. If the vehicle is in a locked and armed state and the Smart key unlock button is pressed, but none of the doors or the luggage compartment are opened within 40 seconds, then the vehicle automatically relocks all of the doors and the luggage compartment, and e-arms the alarm system. This will also occur if the Smart key is detected and a door handle is grabbed to operate the keyless unlock sensor.
Note: Automatic relocking and re-arming will only relock to a Single locked state. If the vehicle was previously Double locked, then the alarm sensors will also re-arm.
Automatic relocking and re-arming can be enabled/disabled by a Dealer/Authorised Repairer.

Page 57
With the lighting control in the OFF position or in the AUTO position, while the lighting conditions do not require the headlamps to be on, then the Daytime running lamps will switch on automatically under the following conditions:
• The engine is running.
• The gear selector is out of Park (P) (automatic transmission).
• The Electric Parking Brake (EPB) is not applied - market dependent.
Unless required or prohibited by law, the Daytime running lamps feature can be disabled or enabled by a Dealer/Authorised Repairer.

Page 63
If the vehicle's speed drops below 8 km/h (5 mph) with the wipers operating, the wipers will switch to the next lowest speed. When the vehicle's speed increases to over 8 km/h (5 mph), the original wiper speed setting will be restored. Vehicles without a rain sensor fitted will also increase the frequency of the intermittent front wipe when the vehicle's speed increases.
This feature can be enabled/disabled by a Dealer/Authorised Repairer.
If the drip wipe function is configured, the wipers will operate for a few seconds after a wash/wipe cycle has finished, to clear any remaining drips from the windscreen.
This function can be enabled/disabled by a Dealer/Authorised Repairer.

Page 65
The mirrors can be configured to automatically fold when the vehicle is locked and unfold when unlocked.
This feature can be enabled/disabled by a Dealer/Authorised Repairer.

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Extremely useful info in your initial report - I will go through all that with the dealer in my pre-delivery meeting next week
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