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Found these that are worth the read if you're interested in more than just the car;

The XE sedan must be a big seller. If it fails, this will undermine the whole Jaguar Land Rover project. When the covers come off the XE on September 8 in London if the looks of the car don't raise buyers' pulse rates, the project will crash and burn, so expect to be excited, or maybe even moved.

Mission Impossible. David and Goliath. Feeding the five thousand. Tom and Jerry. These triumphs against the odds spring to mind when you think about Jaguar's challenge to the established German champions with its new small luxury sedan, the XE. Jaguar, now part of British-based and Tata of India owned Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), will have to win sales with the new car from the all-conquering BMW 3-series, Mercedes C class and Audi A4. In the U.S., the Cadillac ATS might feel the heat too.
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