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Hi all, first an intro...I had a V12 E-type for 20 years until a couple of years ago. I also had the original press demo XK until last year. I owned them both at the same time for a year or two! So, yes, I'm a Jag fan :)

After considering another BMW, but deciding against it, realised the XE was on the way so paid my deposit to the dealer in Chester in October. At that time the delivery date was suggested as March/April. This became May/June, then July...and now, err, not sure.

Luckily I commute only 4 miles, 2 of which is through the Mersey tunnel, so my motorbike is fine. Why am I buying an XE? Good question!?!?!

Anyway, after the unveiling at the dealership I had a one hour test drive about 2 months ago. Last week I borrowed an auto/diesel/180/Portfolio model from the dealer for a 24 hour test. What did I think of the car?

Plus points:

- rides well over all surfaces
- quiet at speed
- handles very well for a saloon
- goes well for a 180 diesel
- superb brakes/ABS
- controls are well laid out, flappy paddles as good as XK
- looks great

Minus points:

- at 6' 1" I found the visibility poor, but I may not have had the seat as low as I should. Looking to the left, into blind spots and to the rear was never easy. The rear view mirror only shows above the bonnet of the car behind. I may have overly high expectations in these areas as a motorcyclist!

Overall, I still wouldn't go back to a BMW, I've never liked Mercs and Audis are not in the same league. I thought about an XF due to the visibility concerns, but we don't need a car that size for a 3 person family.

Although I still don't have a delivery date, I'd like to 'big up' the folks at Rybrook in Chester. They're lending me an XF estate for our family holiday as the XE hasn't arrived months after it was first expected. What more could I ask?

Here's to the new 'baby' cat!!!

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P.S. I've gone for auto, diesel, 180 in Sport trim with black paint, black interior, black headlining and the black kit on the outside, topped off with Union Jacks in the middle of the alloys.


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Lovely car, I hope you get an actual delivery date soon! I currently own a BWM mini, and while is has been reliable and fun, I don't like the BMW way of doing business (for example selling you an expensive infotainment system with the car, then when you pick it up stinging you for £50 for a stubby proprietary cable (totally unnecessary) to connect to it). So, I'm with you, I'm not in a rush to own another BMW (based) vehicle - bring on the Jag!
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