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Jaguar will pitch its upcoming XE sedan as a cut above its predominantly German rivals - the BMW 3-Series, Mercedes-Benz C-Class and Audi A4.

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That means not fighting on price, but instead looking at "overall value" for the car that will be the best seller for Jaguar and a crucial entrant at the low- to mid-end of the luxury market where volumes are typically higher.

Group marketing director, Phil Popham said "People will be attracted by the brand, they'll be attracted by the fact there's an accessible car, a relevant car for them."

However, don't expect to get a red-hot deal on the XE.

"We're not going to be a price leader, that's not what our brand is about," said Popham, who said the XE would "sell on appeal".

"Our real focus will be cost of ownership."

He said resale values - depreciation is the biggest cost of any new car - would be paramount to the success of the Jaguar XE.

"We are very focused on the supply and demand imbalance because residual values in the premium segment from a consistent, ongoing point of view the most important variable," said Popham.

"Strong residual values are absolutely vital to the price points but the transaction price points as well.

"This segment is about value for money, total cost of ownership so to an extent residual values is even more important."


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I am told by jag dealer 27000 but includes many extras that would be extra with the competition
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