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For its global debut at the Paris Auto Show, the Jaguar XE has been elected "Best Production Car" by Auto Plus readers and RTL listeners.

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From 24th September to 15th October, RTL (radio) and Auto Plus (car magazine) ran their third edition of the "RTL - Auto Plus" award. During the Paris Auto Show, Auto Plus readers and RTL listeners were given the opportunity to vote for their favourite car, in four different categories.

About ten vehicles were selected by RTL and Auto Plus editors in each category.

After two weeks of voting, the Jaguar XE was awarded the "Best Production Car" prize with 18.3% of the votes.

The prize will be awarded to the Jaguar brand represented by Marc Luini, Directeur exécutif of Jaguar Land Rover France, on Friday 17th October at 12.30pm on the RTL stand. The prize will be handed over by Catherine Mangin, RTL's Directrice adjointe de l'information and Carmine Perna, Mandatori France Directeur Général.


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