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I and many others will await with interest the next JD Power survey. taking the opportunity to feed back to the wider motoring world our experiences of Jaguar.
JD does it stand for ?
Jaguar Disappoints.
Jaguar Disillusions.
Jaguar Delusions.
Jaguar Delays.
Jaguar Damnation.
Jaguar Damages.
Jaguar Debilitates.
Jaguar Deceit.
Jaguar Decline.
Jaguar Decrepit.
Jaguar Defaults.
Jaguar Deficient.
Jaguar Defraud.
Jaguar Degenerate.
Jaguar Deject.
Jaguar Delinquent.
Jaguar Delirious.
Jaguar Demerit.
Jaguar Depresses.
Jaguar Dereliction.
Jaguar Despond.

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Ouch! Wait till we all have our cars and been driving them a while....
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