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Hello folks, is there a diagram anywhere which shows a 3d cutaway and the path of the main wiring loom between all of the various modules?

I have the WSM, and Electrical Wiring Diagrams from Topix but struggling to find the relevant section, feel like I have seen something like this in the past?

Is there much of a difference between the path of the wiring between the CAN and DoIP versions of the vehicle?

I have a bus error on a DoIP XF at the PCM and ABS Control module, suspect either a cabling fault or maybe a loose plug, need to identify the calbing path and module locations.

ABS module seems to be on the front-left wing where all the hydraulic brake lines connect to the brake servo (master cylinder?).

PCM I think might be at the rear of the engine, 2.0L Diesel ingenium, but can't find this location either.

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