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Hello all

Been gaining loads of useful info on here for sometime now....thanks :-bd and since placed my order for a Bluefire 180 R Sport Manual at the back end of April.

Privacy Glass
18" 5 Spoke Star Alloys
Meridian Premium System
Parking Heater with Remote Control
Jet/Midnight Blue Leather

I've test driven both the 160 & 180 in auto and manual (both great drives), but having had an auto for the last 7 years, it's a welcome change more than anything else or I would have choose the auto again.

I have an expected stock date of 20th November. Which is killing me but seeing others getting theirs is some therapy (more photos please), the reason its so long is Lex Autolease's policy is to replace my current company car (BMW X3) at the 4 year point :( . I know it will be worth the wait and hopefully the early production teething issues are ironed out, and delivery date doesn't move too much.

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