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Hi Liverpoolboy, welcome to the forum

Not quite sure what advice you are seeking, but I make the following initial comments.

I believe you ought to visit the Jaguar website before approaching any retailer and using their configurator, build the car and options that you desire.

This has two benefits; first you will have selected items/options, at your convenience, that you desire in your car. Secondly will also be presented with the total list price for your configuration. Now you are in a position to negotiate and compare prices on a 'like for like' basis. At this stage don't be persuaded by the retailer to take on board other extras. You can consider any changes during later discussions, get their best offer against your specification first . Remember the salesman is trying to get as much cash as he can from you, so will probably suggest other Jaguar offers; like Insurances, and service deals.

Also read the posts in this forum - there are many pearls of wisdom from the contributors.

Hope this is the sort of advice you're seeking, if not post again, I'm sure there's somebody in this forum can offer help.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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