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Lots and lots of build up in the press today about the XE's launch tonight. I'll try and include some handy links to some of them below;

Why the Jaguar XE has a mountain to climb
The British company is about to tackle the major German manufacturers head-on, and there's no underestimating how important the new saloon is

Jaguar XE photographed flying over London for premiere
The Jaguar XE has been caught on camera arriving in London for its official debut, set to take place today.

New Jaguar XE to be revealed tonight
The Jaguar XE, one of the most eagerly anticipated and significant models in the British manufacturer's history, will be revealed in London this evening.

Jaguar launches new XE tonight. By helicopter!
Jaguar's new baby saloon, the XE, will debut at an event in London this evening, and it appears to have arrived in style
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