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Just took the car out for a ten minute blast while the roads are relatively quiet.


My last car was an Insignia SRI and it handled ok'ish for a typical repmobile.

Prior to that I had a mk1 Focus RS, which is regarded as one of the best front drivers ever.

The XE R-Sport is amazingly good in my opinion, the steering is so smooth and direct and the way you can feel the chassis just lock into the bend and grip is staggeringly good.

I just went around an island at the same speed the Insignia would be squealing like a pig but the XE just went round with no fuss whatsoever, as if it was saying "is that it, is that all you're going to throw at me?"

Body control is 1st class. :ymapplause:

It's definitely a car you just want to go out for a drive in (like my RS was).

Only negative when in sport mode changing from 1st to 2nd the ECU holds on to the revs a little bit too long for my liking, before letting them drop.
I'm sure an ECU update will sort this.

Think they do this to make the gear changes and engine hook up smoother for when changing gear at a normal speed.

Going to enjoy my time with this car very much!
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