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In the first of a new series of short films created to explore the engineering attributes of the new Jaguar XE, the man responsible for developing world-beating technical strategies for cycling's Team GB and Team Sky is presented with an XE for a performance review. Sir David Brailsford casts his expert eye over the new Jaguar XE sports saloon, and offers insight into how Jaguar's most aerodynamically efficient car ever will be as rewarding to drive as it is revolutionary in concept.

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Sir David Brailsford said: "By looking for every last possible improvement on every single element, Jaguar's engineers are able to deliver world class performance. As an innovation partner of Team Sky, it is really encouraging to see Jaguar sharing our philosophy and achieving a great result."

Sir David Brailsford is renowned for introducing a philosophy to cycling which has seen his winning teams achieve 'marginal gains' in all areas of competition preparation. The new Jaguar XE is new from the ground up, which gave its designers and engineers the opportunity to focus on every aspect of its technical specification in minute detail.

The XE features a lightweight aluminium-intensive body and chassis architecture, a range of new 2.0-litre, four cylinder Ingenium diesel engines which produce high performance with optimum efficiency, and advanced in-car and safety technologies in a product specification created to set a new benchmark in the highly competitive mid-size premium segment of the car market.

In this new film, Sir David Brailsford meets with Jaguar engineer Jon Darlington to discuss the technical strategy for the XE, and to experience Jaguar's new sports saloon in action.

Jon Darlington said: "Our engineering team has produced a cutting-edge product with the Jaguar XE by introducing aluminium-intensive architecture and all-new Ingenium engines. By adopting similar design principles to Team Sky, we made even more improvements. This optimum combination makes the XE compact, light and stiff - essential elements in achieving brilliant dynamic performance. It is also the most efficient and aerodynamic Jaguar ever."


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