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Hello there,
I'm very interested in buying an XE, but my current car is only just over a year old, so I won't be changing for a while.
I'm afraid that I'm therefore going to be following the experiences of those of you who are taking the plunge now , hoping that there will be no teething problems and that everyone will be ecstatically happy about their choices.
As my annual mileage will only be c. 7k., I would opt for a petrol engine, which I prefer anyway, but I'm a little concerned that it may be some time before there is a new Ingenium petrol engine available. I've got nothing against Ford engines (and may opt for the V6 in the S anyway), but isn't there a danger that the values of the early petrol powered models will suffer when the JLR Ingenium comes on stream?
I suppose that, on the other hand, the Ford engines are proven units, whereas the Ingenium will be 'unknown'. :-?
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