Some faults I cannot find in posts

Faults and Technical chat for the Jaguar XE
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Some faults I cannot find in posts

Post by Vespa » Fri Aug 18, 2017 10:52 am

There are some posts that I cannot find that have people asking for help and I just looked on Topix for other updates to see these that I think have not been fully answered yet.

K307v2 - Transmission Calibration
K295 - Fuel Fired Booster Heater (FFBH) With Heat And Park Heat Issues
SDD_VCI - VCI Update Instructions
J_PFSRN_0032 - PATHFINDER Software Release - 0032
JAF0153_2E - Bicycle Carrier (2 Bike) C2Z22695/C2Z22694
SSM73485 - PATHFINDER Not At The Latest Level On JLR Approved Diagnostic Equipment
JAF0154_2E - Bicycle Carrier (3 Bike) C2Z22697/C2Z22696
SSM73511 - Jaguar approved headlining cleaning products
JAF0381_1E - Sunshade - Windscreen
JAF0324_2E - Mirror Caps
JAF0220_2E - Side Power Vents
JTB00567v2 - Front Bulkhead Creak
SSM73473 - Click noise from the front of vehicle during steering (with wheels on the ground)
J_PFSRN_0031 - PATHFINDER Software Release - 0031
JAF0372_1E - Child Seat TRIFIX C2D52044
JAF0204_4E - Rubber Mats
JAF0201_4E - Premium Carpet Mats
JAF0203_4E - Seatback - Waterproof Cover
SSM73504 - InControl Touch Pro Phase 3 Software Part `Unknown`
JTB00461v5 - Sunglasses Holder Inoperative
SDD150.04_V275J - Jaguar SDD software-update 150.04 release note
JTB00578 - Keyless Entry Is Inoperative Or Intermittent
SSM73500 - In-Control Touch Pro - Update to Phase 3 Software - Vehicles WITHOUT parking cameras
SSM72970 - HVAC Diagnostic Improvements.
SSM73498 - Approved Structural Adhesives for JLR Body Repairs
J_PFSRN_0030 - PATHFINDER Software Release - 0030
SDDICTP_3_005_01_J - Jaguar SDD software-update InControl Touch Pro 3_005_01 release note
JTB00380v8 - Poor Air Conditioning (A/C) Performance
SSM73462 - Issues with Apple iphone when receiving calls
SSM73478 - Tyre pressure monitoring system warning displayed, C1D18-00 stored
SSM73450 - 2016/17 MY XE & XF Wiper Motor Inoperative / Intermittent Operation
JTB00552v4 - InControl Touch Pro Features May Not Function As Expected (Additional Updates)
J_PFSRN_0029 - PATHFINDER Software Release - 0029
JTB00518v7 - Coolant Expansion Tank Leaking
SDD150.03_V274J - Jaguar SDD software-update 150.03 release note
JTB00553v2 - Roof Blind Loss of Calibration
SDD150.02_V273J - Jaguar SDD software-update 150.02 release note
SSM73475 - Concerns with the `Service Message Reset` Application Title Displaying in English Only
BCR-23993 - Battery Care Requirements XE (X760) 2016
WSM-18294 - Workshop manual XE (X760) 2016

So if you are experiencing any problems look at the list to see if there is a cure
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Re: Some faults I cannot find in posts

Post by PhilB » Thu Jan 24, 2019 12:44 pm

Just a reminder that this is a reference topic and isn't really the place for fault postings.
Most faults are covered elsewhere on here and a search will find most things.
If not start a new topic.
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