Fault Logging...or not?

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Fault Logging...or not?

Post by Crownwheel » Thu Mar 14, 2019 6:10 pm

My XE R Sport has covered 56k miles in the three years I have owned the car.
Car has been fault free and I am very pleased with all aspects of the car.
However, the car refused to start recently with just a clicking noise coming from the rear of the vehicle. After about 20 tries including leaving the car, locking, reopening etc the car started as normal. A week of so later during a drive, the message center reported a gearbox fail. I stopped the car but on restarting the message did not reappear.
I took the car to the local Jaguar dealership for investigation but was disappointed to learn that neither of these issues were logged in the vehicle for any diagnosis to take place.
I am surprised particularly with the gearbox fault message that the reason for this message was not logged.
I have reported this to Jaguar Customer services in the hope that this is passed to their Technical people to see if spurious fault messages can somehow bypass the onboard fault logging.
As my warranty runs out at the end of this month I would really like to know if I have a real gearbox fault....or not.
Does anyone else have experience of possibly spurious fault messages?

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Re: Fault Logging...or not?

Post by Indianajons » Thu Mar 14, 2019 9:10 pm

Had lots of spurious messages on mine, including gear box fault, messages were logged but with no fault codes. Turned out the ABS module was faulty and had to be replaced.
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