FIX: XE sewing machine rattle in passenger cabin (TSB)

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Re: FIX: XE sewing machine rattle in passenger cabin (TSB)

Post by rayaans » Wed Jan 13, 2021 7:52 pm

So to resurrect this thread back from the dead.

My car died.

Driving 70 miles to work last night for a night shift. About 65 miles in the car starts showing - Vehicle charging system failure. I kept going but the car started running rough at anything more than quarter throttle.

Got into the car park - "gearbox failure, ABS failure, bla bla bla bla". Car conked out, luckily in a free space.

Opened the bonnet up after calling AA in the morning after my shift, turns out the cable had actually come out of the holder. Now I noticed that the new halfords earth cable is not crimped unlike the older, better quality ones. This one is shite - just pulls out with light pressure

AA guy shoved it back in, taped it around with electrical tape and the car starts, no failures! Anyway - now on a search for a new earth cable of better quality that wont pop out!
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Re: FIX: XE sewing machine rattle in passenger cabin (TSB)

Post by mistral_blue » Sat Jan 16, 2021 1:48 pm

Amazing that an earth cable could have such an effect on the rest of the car. Good to know, thanks for the update.
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