P1707 Gearbox fault

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P1707 Gearbox fault

Post by j.a.mcguire » Sat Jun 23, 2018 10:24 pm

Hi there,

I've managed to read the codes on my 17 plate XE RWD 2.0L diesel auto. It's coming up with P1707.

Oddly the first time I cleared the codes, I was able to put the car in gear, and cycle through 1st, 2nd and Reverse for a couple of minutes before the gearbox fault rematerialised and the drive is disconnected from the wheels, the lettering next to the centre control stick flashes.

I can clear the faults again, but then when I put it into Drive or Reverse the "gearbox fault" flashes up again and P1707 returns.

When I received the car I had to pull the lever under the bonnet, so not sure if it's as simple as adjusting the brakes to clear the issue, since on the surface there doesn't appear to be anything mechanically wrong (engine runs, transmission does work for a few seconds).

Googling seems to suggest that it's the TCM, which is inside the valve control body in the transmission. Does this sound about right? Any suggestions to fix without having to overhaul or replace the unit? Does anyone have some advice on how to diagnose and test the solenoids? I have a scope at my disposal if someone knows the specifications and process?


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Re: P1707 Gearbox fault

Post by 147daytona » Sun Jun 24, 2018 8:44 am

As your XE is a 2017, surely it's still covered by a warranty and you should get your dealer to fix it foc?
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