Anyone changed their own pollen filter

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Re: Anyone changed their own pollen filter

Post by BOBCDP » Wed May 15, 2019 10:57 am

For those interested in a bit of DIY, I have just replaced the Cabin Pollen Filter in my 2015 XE.

Not sure about later models but I assume they are the same or very similar.

The filter is located in a housing behind the glove box and considering it's a regular service replacement item, it really is in a ridiculous place. It's not difficult to change but to have to completely remove the glovebox to get at it is not good design. Seems to me that if they had to put it there, they could have designed either a removeable flap inside the glovebox or had the filter pointing downwards which would have made it a 5 minute job. I think it took me about an hour or so.

1. Remove the dashboard plastic end panel (see pic below). It should come out quite easily. Just under the vent, I pushed a piece of hard plastic into the gap and gently applied pressure and the panel retaining clips popped out. Don't try to just pull it straight out as there are 2 plastic lugs on the front edge which locate into slots at top and bottom - close to the felt door seal - which act like a hinge and these could break off. Just turn it forward and pull out.


2. Remove the trim panel below the glovebox (see pic below). It's held in by 3 plastic tabs below the front edge of the glovebox. They just pull out. Any piece of thin metal with a 3/8" wide slot cut in it will help to lever them out. The trim panel can then be removed.


3. Remove 10 Torx T27 screws which hold the glovebox in place. 2 inside the glovebox at the top front edge, 3 inside the glovebox at the top rear edge, 3 under the glovebox hinged edge which can now be seen where the trim panel was removed and lastly 2 behind the end panel.

4. Lower the glovebox. The centre end has a plastic lip which just clips behind the plastic panel on the side of the tunnel in the footwell. The outer end where the panel was removed can now be lowered by releasing the circular tab while supporting the glovebox from below to prevent it dropping. Ease a screwdriver under the plastic (see pic below) until the circular tab pops out of the hole and then lower the outer end of the glovebox and release the bayonet light fitting on the top of the glovebox. Then lower the complete unit . The wires feeding the footwell bulb can be left connected but be careful not to strain them.


5. The filter housing can now be seen and it is a very simple job to release the cover clips, one on each side (see pics below) hold up the bellows and withdraw the filter in its holder. Remove the old filter replace with new, hold up the bellows, slide it in and replace the cover.




6. Refit the glovebox . Make sure the centre end plastic lip locates over the plastic trim panel on the side of the tunnel first. Refit the bayonet light fitting and then just lift the outer end and relocate the circular tab into the retaining hole. Refit all 10 T27 screws. Like anything it is easier to get the screws out than get them back in again as unless you perform contortions , you can't see what you are doing. I found 2 things especially useful to do this. Firstly an old shaving mirror placed on the floor shows when the holes are lined up and secondly my Sealey flexible magnetic pick up and claw tool is perfect for holding screws just to get them started when they are in awkward places. I ... UTF8&psc=1



It is best to nip all the screws up first before finally tightening them .

7. Refit the trim panel and hopefully the plastic tabs will still grip ok as mine did.

8. Refit the dashboard end panel.
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Re: Anyone changed their own pollen filter

Post by Fordie » Thu May 16, 2019 8:20 pm

Excellent tutorial thank you. I've just done mine. Now I can see why some garages just say they have done it! Took about an hour in total but will be quicker next time. Stupid place to put it!
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Re: Anyone changed their own pollen filter

Post by mdem » Fri May 17, 2019 3:29 am

Thanks very much for taking the time to do this and sharing it on the forum!
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Re: Anyone changed their own pollen filter

Post by SDB » Sat Aug 03, 2019 9:09 pm

Thanks BOBCDP for the write-up, I followed it earlier today and it worked a treat.
It does seem a silly design to have to remove the glovebox to change it, but no worse than having to remove twenty or so bolts to remove the engine undertray to get to the sump plug !!
Modern cars don't seem that user-friendly for these basic routine tasks these days.
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Re: Anyone changed their own pollen filter

Post by Ian d » Sat Aug 03, 2019 9:28 pm

The pollen filter is changed on every 2nd year service.

It’s an absolute pain to get to in the XE.
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Re: Anyone changed their own pollen filter

Post by BRC » Sun Aug 04, 2019 9:17 am

£12.09 for the filter (price from ECP) and an hours labour from a Jag dealer at say circa £120. Bit of an expensive exercise when in reality it should have been designed to be a 5 minute job. I will however note the filter on my other car is also a right faff to replace. Strange how years ago there was no such thing as a pollen filter........
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