Vibration at tick-over

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Vibration at tick-over

Post by MalcolmT » Fri Jul 12, 2019 12:01 am

Hi all.
2.0d 180 2016
23,800 miles
Car is JUST within warranty
Started about 3 weeks ago
There's a SLIGHT vibration at tickover, which seems worse when cold.
And vanishes in all other situations - such as driving.
My first thought, dating back to days when we had distributors and carburettors, was that the tickover speed was a little low.
I took her in for an oil and filter change today (not due - but thought it was a good investment).
Dealer wants it back for a full day to explore - mentioned engine mounts.
Searching on here, this seems to be a common(ish) problem.
I thought it was a small problem - maybe not!
They also found a slight leak from a rear damper they're going to change next week.
Anybody else had this problem?
And should I ask for the OTHER damper to be changed at the same time?
I realise that this would be at my expense, but I've always thought you never do anything to just ONE side.
Full marks to my dealer (Hursts).
Looks like a very thorough check
Tyre are down to 3-4 mm, so they're due for changing pretty soon
Pretty good tyre life.
Should I get the dealer to change them, or go to my usual tyre dealer (who is very good)?

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Re: Vibration at tick-over

Post by PhilB » Fri Jul 12, 2019 8:08 am

This sounds like the classic engine mounts issue with vibration at tickover.
They should change both rear dampers.
If not then point out it could be a safety issue with a possible imbalance between a new shock and an old shock on the other side.
If they are any decent they should change both as it's good practice.
As regards tyres, if their prices are competitive with your usual tyre dealer then maybe get them to do it.
Although most use a dedicated tyre place along the lines of "jack of all trades and master of none" type thing.

I read your comment about stop start on another topic.
As you are still in warranty then make sure you get everything sorted before the warranty finishes.
If your stop/start is "intermittent" then it may well be down to the usual conditions that prevent it working all the time especially at this time of year with air con systems on max etc.
But it might be best to get them to apply the latest software update for the battery monitoring/charging system as a belt and braces measure under warranty.
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Re: Vibration at tick-over

Post by MalcolmT » Fri Jul 12, 2019 1:32 pm

Thanks very much for your very prompt and very helpful reply.
I'll take it up with them next week, when I'm booked in again.
The XE 180 is my perfect car.
Yesterday I was driving my wife's car (other make) and realised how much more noticeable bumps in the road etc. are
Really makes me appreciate the great job Jaguar have done on the chassis.

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