Jag XE 2015 - Engine/Refuel/Throttle Position Sensor issues

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Jag XE 2015 - Engine/Refuel/Throttle Position Sensor issues

Post by Barnsley_W » Wed Aug 12, 2020 7:38 pm


Got a used Jag XE 2015 180d - 60k miles on the clock, in January and have had issues with it since the start.

My issues started on a cold January morning, I noticed the car would randomly Judder when idling and still cold. I had into the garage and they attempt various attempts to diagnose/resolve the issue. Over 2-3 months the car was in and out of the garage under reselling garage warranty and had a new cam-shaft sensor, set of glow plugs, injectors out and re-conditioned and eventually a new EGR valve before they claim to have resolved it...

However, since it had the EGR valve replaced I am now finding the engine judder appears to re-occur only after re-fueling and a little while later I am greeted with the Engine Management Warning light and 'Limited Performance' mode. This pattern has occurred twice now, and both times it has been re-fueling that appears to have kicked off the issue. I'd travelled a good 200 miles in-between refuels without any issue.

I'm now unsure if i've just dropped on a donkey of a car and it is destined to be plagued by issues or if the EGR valve replacement was a red herring and it is now showing it's self as something else. Apparently the codes that show on the ODB system at the garage suggest it is a Throttle Position Sensor but I am unsure why the garage are reluctant to replace/repair this.

Would really welcome any comments from Jag owners of a vehicle of a similar age/ware


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