Timing cover oil leak

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Timing cover oil leak

Post by Crieffy » Sat Sep 12, 2020 10:04 am

I had my 180D away to my nearest dealer (200 mile ferry trip to Aberdeen - it was meant to tie in with a holiday, but Coronavirus effed that up) for it's 21k service a couple of weeks ago. The service went fine, but they found a significant leak from the timing cover - which seemed odd as I'd never seen any drops of oil on the drive. They sent a video, and there was indeed a fair bit of oil seeping!

I got a courtesy car (E-Pace) for a couple of days but they couldn't get my car sorted in time and I had to leave the car in Aberdeen and have it sent up a week later. Thankfully it was all taken care of under warranty, and the service was also £75 cheaper than quoted.
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