Gear selector locked up

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Gear selector locked up

Post by robertW » Fri Mar 05, 2021 11:39 am

Report of rotary gear selector locking up and immobilised.

In the first case, the car was brought to a halt and the selector moved from S to P to idle for 5 minutes. It would not then move from P.

In the next two cases, the car was idling after being brought to a halt and the selector moved from D to N. It would not then move from N.

The final case, the engine was started after parking but the selector could not be moved from position P.

In all cases, the fault was cleared by repeatedly stopping the engine, exiting the car, locking and unlocking the car and restarting the engine, while also tapping and wobbling the selector as it lifted to operation position.

Which of these actions had practical effect is unknown or if time alone was a factor - maybe to reboot mis-latched electronics or to allow a sticky mechanical latch to reset.

The car was driven to the local Jaguar garage after the second lock-up. No fault codes had been stored, but visual inspection and opinion of the mechanic suggested possible dirt ingress into the module. The module was “cleaned up” at the garage and the car handed back with the advice to replace the module if the fault reoccurred.

The fault re-occurred twice a few days later, so the module replaced.
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