Android broken bluetooth again?

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Pablo fabulous
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Re: Android broken bluetooth again?

Post by Pablo fabulous » Wed Jun 12, 2019 4:00 pm

I still have issues with connectivity, i have turned off everything apart from Audio from the phones bluetooth settings and the connection holds fine its when you add calls and message access the connection drops. still annoying mind.

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Re: Android broken bluetooth again?

Post by LeedsShaker90 » Thu Jun 13, 2019 7:11 pm

It looks as though someone may have solved this issue whilst we all patiently wait for an update release from Google.

All credit to the fella below on the Samsung forums.

You can either download the Bluetooth Phonebook app from the Play store or get it from the Amazon App Store.

I'd recommend getting it on the Amazon store if you can as it means you'll get your call logs as well. For some unknown reason Google won't list any apps that request access to your call logs. If you're happy just with the phonebook then the Play Store version should be fine.


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Re: Android broken bluetooth again?

Post by Gambalunga » Thu Jun 20, 2019 2:23 pm

The below was posted on the Samsung forum and I re-post it here for the information of members.
@Robert_Swiss wrote:

Here is a good description: ... xy-device/


If you see Build number, touch it seven times

If you don't see Build number, touch Software info, then Build number. Touch it seven times

Then follow the instructions here:

1. Bluetooth advanced settings, dual audio on (volume and ringtone sync off).

2. Developer settings, changed PBAP version to 1.1 and turned multiple PBAP properties off.

3. Unpair car from phone, and remove phone from car.

4. Initiate a new pairing with the phone, and when asked I allowed only contact sync, not messages sync.
Thank you Robert

I have a Samsung Galaxy S9, a Jaguar XE with the standard In Control Touch (FM version). Ever since I have had the S9 I have had problems with the Bluetooth dripping out. I went to the dealer in May and had all the latest upgrades installed. Unfortunately nothing helped and the response of the service manager was to wait for the next Jaguar update!

In the car I often listen to streaming Radio Swiss Jazz :smiling-face: using the app and I also use TomTom Speed Cameras app. Phone calls had become a nightmare and the audio kept dropping out and the system reverted to FM radio.

I followed your advice as above and it has now held the Bluetooth connection for several days of use without once dropping out.

Thank you

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