Odd occurance with startup.

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Odd occurance with startup.

Post by Mike Rometer » Sat Apr 13, 2019 3:36 pm


Car covered in some dusty airbourne rubbish, so moved it to a better place and rinsed it off. No worries. Half hour later, get a call from herself to collect something. Unlock, get in, all normal. Start up and the steering wheel does not position correctly, press M1 steering wheel corrects and mirrors fold in. Try to make them fold out and they wont. Stop Engine and start again. Mirrors do not fold out but do when both buttons pressed. Drive as normal to destination and there s/s works for the first time in several days and all the way back.

Can someone please explain to my electronics just what they are supposed to be doing and when? I don't seem to be getting their coopperation.

Actually not the first time that the seat/steering wheel has failed to positiion correctly on startup.

Anyone else?

I suppose the proper (?) way to sort this is to switch off, get out, lock up, wait. Then start from scratch. i.e. a re-boot.
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