Ammonite Grey XE R-Sport 25T

Interior and Exterior bodywork Faults and Fixes
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Ammonite Grey XE R-Sport 25T

Post by CameronFrench » Wed Jun 23, 2021 7:56 pm

This mod diary is inspired by the Polaris R Sport - Mod Diary uploaded by M44KHB

Recently bought a 2015 Ammonite Grey XE R Sport 25T. It has 32000 miles on the clock.

I really enjoy this car. It is an upgrade from a Mazda 3 so the overall quality and performance is much better

So far I have:

· Tinted all side windows and rear windscreen

· Chameleon tint on front windscreen

· Vinyl wrapped chrome grille surround and side vents (reminiscent of black pack)

· Powder coated alloys gloss black

· De-badged XE on back for symmetry

I am thinking about:

· Wrap roof black

· Wrap side skirts black

· Wrap side mirrors black

· Change exhaust to straight pipe

· Wrap brake calipers reflective red

· Starlight headliner

Feel free to leave your opinions and advice



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Re: Ammonite Grey XE R-Sport 25T

Post by BruceTheQuail » Wed Jun 23, 2021 9:13 pm

Gooday! That is a fantastic looking car.

I would definitely wrap the sills black (did it to both of ours). Consider also wrapping the small bit of body coloured front diffuser, under the rego plate. I did that with ours, looked pretty good. It's reversible anyway.

On my daily I have wrapped the A and C pillars in black which flattens out the look of the car and looks pretty mean. I dont know how it would look on an XE and havent been able to convince my wife (she has the XE as her daily).

I wouldnt wrap the calipers on that car, the black and grey combination looks great as it is. I would redo the leaper black if it isnt already.

Other than that, if I was playing with the exhaust (I'm not sure how the mods sound, I'd be worried about drone with a straight pipe) I'd try to get black dual tips on it, some might fit without a new rear skirt which can cost $$.

If you want to spend some money and improve the already incredible handling of the car, sook at forged wheels. Jag wheels weigh a tonne, forged really improve the handling.

Look forward to your next mods.
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Re: Ammonite Grey XE R-Sport 25T

Post by CameronFrench » Thu Jul 01, 2021 12:09 am

After some thought I dont think I will do the straight pipe exhaust. Your point about drone is definitely something that would ruin my experience with the car.

Glad to hear someone else agrees with wrapped sills.

Good idea about the leaper going black, I will look into this.

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