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Re: HID conversion kit

Post by jferris » Sun Feb 11, 2018 8:43 pm

Hi Paul,

Bet you're counting down the days! Best of luck with the new motor.

I did upgrade the bulbs but not to Philips ones. I've only just realised now that I never posted an update about this until now.
I was toying with upgrading the speakers also so in the end went to a very good audio specialist who did a complete upgrade on the audio system (Hertz 13" sub in the boot and Hertz component speakers in each of the doors) - the difference is amazing! - I can post more info if anyone is interested.

But back to the bulbs - the same guys also sourced bulbs and upgraded them.
I've posted a couple of pics below.

They are definitely much whiter than the yellowish glow from the stock bulbs - yes they are H15.
I would definitely recommend them - I'd say the Philips would be good also.


XE Bulbs.jpg


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