Rear leather seat back blistering

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Rear leather seat back blistering

Post by micky45 » Thu Apr 25, 2019 6:26 pm


I have a 2017 XE Portfolio with Light Oyster leather.I have owned the vehicle from new and I noticed around 6 months ago that the leather just above all 4 Isofix points but on the rear cushion, was starting to blister. It is very strange as the locations are symmetrical and the rear of the car is more or less unused and must have been sat in only around 6 times in 2 years (no car seats). I thought i would bring it up at my the next service in a few months. I highlighted the problem and the dealer said they would take some pictures and send to Jaguar. This was 10 weeks ago, so i called the dealer today and they looked on their records and told me the warranty claim had been rejected as the faulty was due to "external influence". I was advised all i could do was call Jaguar customer services which i did, they simply reiterated that the "technical team" stated the issue was due to "external influence" and was asked if i had used any cleaning chemicals or carried anything in the back of the car. This is extremely frustatring as i look after my car very well (the kids are not even allowed in it!) have never carried anything in the rear or used anything other than a lightly misted with water microfibre towel for dusting the seats. You can clearly see if it was chemicals that caused it, it would be more widespread and not perfectly symmetrical and again if anything had been carried in the car it would again be more widespread. i am baffled how they have come the this decision.

Has anyone else noticed anything similar with their seats? I accept the vehicle is not a Rolls Royce, i can (reluctantly) accept all the squeaks and rattles but surely this is not acceptable?


Many Thanks


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Re: Rear leather seat back blistering

Post by Mike Rometer » Thu Apr 25, 2019 7:19 pm

You say you only use a lightly misted micro-fibre to dust the seats, Have never fed the leather with something like Auto-glym Leather Balm?

After the strong sun last Summer the rear seat on my last Jag started scaling. I very liberally coated it with Balm and left it on for several days before repeating and leaving it again. When I did buff it up the scaling had repaired itself sufficiently to be unnoticable. Leather needs to be fed regularly, I try to do mine at least twice a year,and will be taking even greater care since last year.

The bonus is that you get that fresh leather smell back.
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Re: Rear leather seat back blistering

Post by PhilB » Fri Apr 26, 2019 8:40 am

That hasn't been caused by an external influence as if it had been chemical it would be in many other areas rather than localised.
Rubbing or wear would have lifted the colour off but it's plain that it's not the case.
It looks like the coating (yes, they are colour coated) has started to lift and bubble away from the leather underneath.
There is a bulletin specifically for Light Oyster seats.
Ref is on the last page of the topic below.
Personally I think it's a defect in manufacture.
Big thread here on seat issues :

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Re: Rear leather seat back blistering

Post by micky45 » Fri Apr 26, 2019 1:07 pm


Thanks for your comments

I have just had an update call from Jaguar, they have confirmed their original decision, that it is "external influence" after having the photos reviewed by 2 senior member of their technical team. No justification or explanation just a simple reiteration of "external influence" and they don't what has caused it but they don't believe its a manufacturing defect.

They were not willing to provide any answers or present my questions to their technical team:

1)If it were external influence why is it localised and the locations perfectly symmetrical in practically unused seats?
2)the faulty areas do not cross the seams suggesting a problem with those particular leather panels, external influence does not know to stop at seams?

I should have listened to advice, I warned about JLR products but always wanted a Jaguar and thought, well I would be covered by warranty for 3 years then I would swap again so no problem. Never again!

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