Buzzing / rattle / ticking vibrating noise.

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Buzzing / rattle / ticking vibrating noise.

Post by Dynamic Dek » Wed Feb 03, 2021 6:30 pm

Hi Alll,

I've had this vibrating noise coming from the drivers side B pillar when driving at over about 50mph since I bought the car a couple of months ago.
Its fairly quiet, but can be heard from the normal driving position and moving 'ones ear ole' closer to where the seat belt enters the b pillar, the noise becomes more noticeable.
Sounds like some small wires shaking, almost if they are being moved by a draft within the b pillar or like a continuous stream of small grit hitting the underside of the sill.

Any ideas?

MY20 XE P250 S R Dynamic, Portofino Blue, Black pack, 19" 1050, Matrix Lights. Mem seats - Touch Pro Duo

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