pitted and corroded brake discs

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Re: pitted and corroded brake discs

Post by MartinM » Thu Apr 19, 2018 6:07 pm

I have just had my 2.0i Sport disc and pads replaced under warranty.
2 and half years old and just over 35,000 on the clock.

It was starting to suffer from lumpy brakes when cold and judder when thoroughly warmed up.
The outside of the discs were fine but the inside they were all badly corroded. The video sent to me from Harwoods whilst the car was on the ramp showed just how bad they were.
Never seen anything like this before on any of my many cars I have owned.

Cost of parts came to £322.24 - but nothing to pay as it was treated as a warranty issue.
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Re: pitted and corroded brake discs

Post by Indianajons » Thu Apr 19, 2018 6:14 pm

Sounds like the inside pads had stopped making contact with the discs, otherwise the rust would have been polished off
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Re: pitted and corroded brake discs

Post by Nevyn » Thu Apr 19, 2018 6:19 pm

Mine's going in tomorrow to have the discs and pads replaced under warranty. For the second time...

Picked up at the first service a week back. It's done 18.5k...
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Re: pitted and corroded brake discs

Post by Vespa » Fri Apr 20, 2018 8:14 am

A typical fault of non greased slide pin, and often missed in serivcing and renewal of pads.
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