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Re: Hello from London

Post by mrb » Sat Jun 08, 2019 6:30 am

Interesting write up! I have had my XE R-Sport AWD for 10 days now and love it. I had a 2010 XFS pre-facelift before which had Adaptive CC, but cut out below 20mph. I searched for a AWD XE with Adaptive cruise within my budget for about 2 months. I really like the queue assist feature of the XE ACC when stuck on the M5 stop starting all the time. Also like you mentioned it's fun seeing the lighting change to red in Dynamic mode. I haven't tried any apps with it as still waiting for log book so I can get them changed over. When I turned up for work in it the next day a colleague greeted me but didn't notice I'd changed the car! My XFS was dark green and the XE is Corris grey. Oh well.
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Re: Hello from London

Post by PhilB » Sat Jun 08, 2019 6:58 am

Inpher wrote:
Sat Jun 08, 2019 1:54 am
In fact the car just generally sounds a lot better (the noise in the BMW was fake), with the combination of intake sound, supercharger whine and exhaust growl. I'm not sure what it sounds like from outside, but presumably it is louder.

At idle though, especially when cold, the engine itself sounds quite rough. It's a direct injection engine (and they always sound a bit rough), plus it's a V6 which is inherently unbalanced at idle compared to the BMW inline six, which you could barely tell was running other than some faint injector noise. So maybe I'm just comparing the two. Also related to the engine, I suspect it's running quite rich but will be using my OBD plug to check tomorrow. Why do I suspect it's running rich? Well, there was some soot build up on the exhaust tips (cleaned off with Autosol), the economy is a few MPG short of what I expected (maybe 36-37mpg on a long run at 70mph - I expected about 40mpg), and I could smell a little unburnt petrol. Anyone else with the same engine able to comment on whether this is normal?
In normal running the car is pretty quiet but give it some welly and it changes character.
I regularly use a route coming off a motorway with the two-way roundabout being underneath so a big boomy tunnel.
It has traffic lights so I often open the window and give it a "spirited" take off.
I manage to go from the low growl up as far as the snarl and believe me the noise bouncing off the walls is pretty loud.

As regards consumption and the engine.
Yes, when cold just after start up it can be a bit tappety but once up to temp mine is near enough silent from the inside.
Just a low burble from the exhausts on the outside.
On a motorway run at "normal" motorway speeds I get around 33/34 mpg so you are pretty close.
Soot on the exhaust trims will build up over time but nothing to worry about.
Like you I use Autosol which cleans and protects the chrome.
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Re: Hello from London

Post by Inpher » Mon Jun 10, 2019 9:31 pm

Yes I think I am perhaps expecting too much. On a perfect run though, I'm sure the car is capable of 39-40 mpg (not that it would be any fun).

Unfortunately, some of the concerns expressed on here before I went ahead with the purchase could have been well-founded. The steering column has developed a loud squeak/groan when the car is fully warmed up and the steering wheel is turned. Some slight vibration can be felt through the wheel when it does this, which I've tested so far at speeds of up to about 20mph. It sounds a bit like someone pressing and rubbing their finger on a window.

I can recall seeing some threads on here when the model was newish, about similar noises from the steering. Perhaps this car never had the "fix" for it - which as I understand it looking at the other threads, was a new rack and or column. Glad I have the warranty as I can't imagine that's cheap! I'm going to book it in at the first opportunity...

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Re: Hello from London

Post by mdem » Mon Jun 10, 2019 11:42 pm

You can certainly get 40 mpg on a motorway run. We drove from Ballarat to Melbourne which is around 120km (75 miles) this weekend and managed just over 40 mpg at the outskirts of the city. That’s doing a constant 100 to 110 km/h most of the way (60 to 70 mph) and fairly flat terrain.

Then of course it went down considerably in the city traffic.
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