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Post by Jagalong » Fri May 22, 2020 9:45 pm

Late last year I was looking for a new (used) car and was hovering around the usual German suspects without any great enthusiasm, when it suddenly occurred to me that I should be looking at Jags as well. I have been very close to pulling the trigger on Jags in the past, most recently a low mileage X350 which I looked at closely, but chickened out in the end as it was a tad too big for parking locally and too long to get in my garage if I ever needed to do some work on it myself. I had of course read all the tests of the XE and watched the You Tubers scratching at plastics and trying to fit water bottles in door bins (why)?. The interiors as photographed never looked all that inviting and perhaps I let myself be subliminally influenced so it went no further.

Just as I decided that an XE should be on the list, one popped up at a local dealer ten minutes away. A 2015 portfolio diesel 180 in Celestial Black with oyster interior and a high spec, showing 40,500 miles. I wanted a petrol, but when buying secondhand, you can waste a lot of time and money holding out for the 'one', so I went for a look anyway. The only options I really wanted were folding rear seats, and a light interior. When I saw the car in the flesh and got into it, I knew I would most likely go for it. The interior close up was much better than I was expecting, and I couldn't really see what all the criticism had been about. I had to look really hard to find anything 'low rent'. Maybe the rear seat release pulls in the boot, but not much else. So a Jag owner I became. Sure the diesel was a bit grumbly at cold idle and when initially pulling away, but the slug of torque from the get go more than made up for it. A 120 mile round trip on the M25 and A3 returned 62 mpg at 70 - 80 mph. I remembered why I had liked my previous diesel (until it started eating injectors). Other impressions: road noise higher than expected especially on the concrete sections of the M25, but almost silent on a newly surfaced stretch of dual carriageway near me. The more I drove it the more I liked it, especially the steering, brakes, and general handling. The first car I have had for a long time where I look forwards to driving it. All is not perfect in heaven however as a week ago 'Incorrect DEF Quality Detected' popped up. Ah well, I may be adding to the many posts already on this topic.

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Post by BruceTheQuail » Fri May 22, 2020 9:50 pm

Good work. I agree, the interior is actually quite nice and looks better with all of the lights going. I could never see what the carry on was about either. One reviewer suggested that the bit under the AC controls had a mismatching base, not appreciating that it is deliberately grippy there for your phone.

My biggest beef with the interior was that the home button on the media was the furthest away from the driver which made no sense unless you are in the US. Talk about first world problems!
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Post by Colt » Sat May 23, 2020 1:44 pm

Welcome to the site. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the jag for years to come 😎👍
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Post by phil-c » Sun May 24, 2020 1:44 pm

Hi and welcome. I'm new here to picked up mine on 21/3 drove it home 82 miles lock down on the 23/3 working from home looking forward to my first proper long journey but loving it on all the short trips,
Was the colour combination of exterior in the oyster interior that sold it to me.
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