Fuel Consumption - Jaguar XE 178bhp 2 litre diesel

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Re: Fuel Consumption - Jaguar XE 178bhp 2 litre diesel

Post by CaptainNoddy » Fri Jan 05, 2018 10:38 pm

Well it sounds like you guys would certainly know better than me! 1% error at the pump is perfectly reasonable really I guess....
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Re: Fuel Consumption - Jaguar XE 178bhp 2 litre diesel

Post by wordchild » Sat Jan 13, 2018 4:09 pm

hello folks,

just to weigh in on this depending on how long you can bear with me droning on for...

- speculating about eco mode: is it right that it dulls the accelerator response, among other effects? (I don't have an XE :-(... my dad has a current XF but I don't often drive it & haven't played with eco mode). If so, am wondering if you tend to boot it harder in eco to compensate for the softer response, and so end up using more fuel than if you'd driven gently in normal?

- official fuel consumption figures: remember that the current EU figures are based on simulating extremely gentle driving in the most favourable conditions, hence most of us don't match them (or not for any significant distance). (A new, more realistic, test regime is being phased in but it'll take a while before existing models are tested). But I think it's worth being aware that any car sold in the US will also have official figures from the (far more stringent) EPA over there, which are easily googleable, and can be converted into imperial mpg by multiplying by 1.2. I think the only XE diesel sold there, handily for this thread, is the 180PS version. Its official average is 36mpg US, i.e. 43.2mpg in real money..... which might put the figures some of you good people are managing in a different light!

- measuring fuel consumption: think it might also help to be aware that the only truly accurate way to measure fuel consumption is by mass, whereas we measure (and buy / sell) by volume. This is because volume varies with temperature (things shrink in the cold remember....) and because winter fuels are a little less dense than summer ones. I think it's correct that fuel injection systems also work by mass not volume (taking it that mass air flow meters do what their name suggests...) - so in winter, injecting a given mass of fuel would require a slightly greater volume if the density is less, hence consumption as we measure it is higher. & colder weather puts consumption up anyway, with longer warm-up times etc. (Another aside - the EPA site says that summer "gasoline" has 1.7% higher energy density than winter, though doesn't explain this and doesn't mention diesel....).
I don't think car trip computers are that accurately calibrated to be honest... mine isn't accurate but is also off by inconsistent margins...

Anyway I'm sure that's quite enough... :roll:
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