Bumper trim replacement

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Bumper trim replacement

Post by RichEl » Sun Aug 26, 2018 9:36 pm

Hi everyone.

I'm looking to replace all the satin chrome parts of my R Sport to black (black pack) and I have just noticed that one of my bumper trims (think it might be called a strake?) Is loose at the front part. Please see image showing the loose part circled.

Does anyone know what type of screws or plastic screws are required and where to get them from? I've seen some on eBay but not 100% sure if they are the correct ones.

Looking at the trims online, I can see some screw holes on the reverse so I'm looking to get these screws ready incase any break while removing the front bumper.

Any advice, pics or things to take note of during your similar experience would be much appreciated.



Jaguar XE R Sport 180 - grey

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