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Re: Petrol vs Diesel

Post by Faltwen » Wed Jul 10, 2019 11:32 am

Definitely petrol for short journeys. My previous diesel X Type with DPF was constantly regenerating, I had to change the oil 3 times a year and my journeys were 13 mile each way to work with longer journeys in between.
My current petrol XE is actually slightly better on fuel than the X Type diesel Auto was and is actually the best car for mpg that I have ever owned in 40 years although I didn't buy it for that reason. (I've always had large petrol engines until the X Type diesel Auto)
Before I get hung, I do realise that the XE diesels are better on mpg but after the issues with the DPF on the previous car I was well ready to return to a petrol.
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Re: Petrol vs Diesel

Post by Vespa » Wed Jul 10, 2019 1:18 pm

Well I won't argue with the petrol preference here as that seems sensible but I will add that I have had diesels for the past 10 years now and only do generally, short journeys. The VW was changed to yearly servicing due to lack of use and I intend annual oil changes in the XE, now that the free service has finished. Regarding the timing chains wearing, this could be because of the number of tensioners causing stress on the chains and thus causing stretching. I had this on my simple bikes when racing. Regarding the DPF filter, this can be given a bit of TLC for around a fiver every 3000 miles with a propriety DPF cleaner from the likes of Wynns. I personally use Millers Ecomax diesel additive on every tank and always have done. It cleans and increases the Cetane value which gives a cleaner burn. It works out cheaper than premium diesel. If you are happy to pay around 12p / ltr more then that burns better and cleaner. The DPF cleaner makes the burn in the filter occur at a lower temperature and is designed to clean it when used in town/ short journey situations. I suspect that the timing chain issue will eventually occur on ingenium petrol engines as well, but at present they are too new. There is much concern over diesel Adblue but I think that it may be caused by the person adding the Adblue. I have used a 10 ltr tub of Adblue for the past 4 years, long after the used by when opened date but have always decanted to a Redex bottle which has a screw cap fitting that contains a filter in the spout. I think this had kept any bits entering the Adblue tank and blocking the injector. Adblue crystalises on drying and if the full 10 litres isn't added in one go, then crystals will enter the tank on later top ups. Some chemical crystals can grow bigger in a solution and that is where I think problems occur with Adblue.
After saying all that I would most likely go petrol next time purely because the 2 ltr petrols are faster 0-60. I fill up the XE 180 around every 4-6 weeks but would expect the petrol to be 2 weekly.
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Re: Petrol vs Diesel

Post by ChrisGB » Wed Jul 10, 2019 5:52 pm

Indianajons wrote:
Wed Jul 10, 2019 9:07 am
Not quite sure how you work that one out Chris.... NVH is on a par with or better than every other diesel I’ve owned and with 50% more mpg than the comparable petrol engine even low mileage is less expensive
I can only compare it to diesels that I have first hand experience of. These being a 2014 BMW 320D (comparable NVH) 2015 BMW335D (very superior in NVH terms) a 2017 MB C Class 220d (better NVH) and a 2017 Hyundai i30 (better NVH). Diesels that where not as quiet as the XE: Skoda Fabia VRS, Mini Cooper D, Kia Rio 1.1CRDi, Ford Fiesta 1.6D

Maybe the XE diesel I had was defective? But I felt the thrum at idle was really not in keeping with something wearing a Jaguar badge. Once on the move, it was much better, until you worked it hard, but given the choice and not worrying too much about big miles fuel bill, I'd take petrol every time.

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