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Re: Major service price

Post by Geoffscat » Fri Apr 02, 2021 8:38 am

Well I'm not happy with my experience !
I reluctantly decided to go for the service inspite of my opinion that it didn't need it. Oh! I may invalidate the warranty! Well from my experience of the trade a lot can depend on the service manager's interpretation of them.
I had previously locked horns with a receptionist when I took my car back to complain about the bonnet lock and alarm fault . " Not everything is covered by the warranty!" Was her reply!
I was fuming! I had only had the car a few days, I had just bought the car from them second hand, I had one sleepless night due to the alarm going off and fear of it doing so throughout the night ! I stayed calm but my blood was boiling ! I didn't know the one and outs of how they operated, it turned out I should have gone to the sales dept .
Things were finally sorted to my satisfaction. A bit of a misunderstanding of the process.
I love the look of the car, the ride and seating and the power. Trying to get used to all of the controls is a bit of a puzzle not quite knowing what I've got . Some things you find out by chance or you suddenly notice things, like at night the blue interior lighting .
Things had settled and I had enjoyed using my car on a couple of longish trips before the lock down. The car had clocked up 1,200 miles since I bought my car and then I received a phone call informing me that my service was due ! "But my car has only done just over 1,200 since it's last service ?"
"Yes ! It is due for it's annual service!" This didn't go down well !
So this takes me to where we are today. The service was the 4 year one , oil and filter, air and pollen filter, £453. Plus the courtesy wash and vacuum.
I didn't like the charge for screen wash as I filled it up the night before . I resented paying for a new sump plug ! I've never had to replace one .
£80 + for 5.? Litres of Castrol Edge oil!
So I got to see a video of the inspection underneath the car, I didn't get any oil or grease on any locks or hinges which I have now done myself . So basically I've payed out far too much for oil, parts and a service that I could have done myself much cheaper to be told that not everything is covered by the warranty !
To cap it all the pressure wash ruined some helicopter stone chip tape .

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Re: Major service price

Post by Ian0304 » Fri Apr 02, 2021 12:56 pm

You say you bought the car approved used from Jaguar. What date? as the service could have potentially been covered by Jaguar themselves prior to sale. They normally service it if it’s within a certain time and mileage of time of service. Say 6 months or 6k miles.
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Re: Major service price

Post by Geoffscat » Tue Apr 20, 2021 6:37 pm

That may have been the case but I'm still not happy with forking out £450 for an oil change and pollen and air filter change.

I'm in an even more not very happy mood . The air conditioning seems to have failed !

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