Who has driven a "Velar"?

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NewLester de Rocin
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Who has driven a "Velar"?

Post by NewLester de Rocin » Tue Nov 06, 2018 6:49 pm

This dealership I use for my annual servicing is, a bit unique. Everytime you pass by the place, a fleet of the largest most expensive SUVs are parked and waiting at the service gate.
Is these the queue of car owners waiting for repairs? Is the entire township in love with owning 4X4s, and sedan-owners are a minority here? Are these SUVs the line of cars from the sales dealership?

No. These are the LOANER cars!

Last year, I was loaned an F-Pace. Quite a refreshing Jaguar-esque vacation from a sporty lass.
This time, I hand my keys for the service agent to take my XE,… and without warning they hand me the keys to… a Range Rover Velar First Edition!
Sword of Saint Michael!!!!
Corris Grey. 20” Gloss Black wheels. Narvic Black Package. Argento Oak inlay in the doors. Oyster leather seats with black suedecloth inserts. Matching Oyster luxtec dashboard. This First Edition Velar is not nearly as expensive as a Range Rover Sport, but still nearly twice the cost of my well-appointed Jaguar XE.
What goes on in the minds of my service dealership?

There is no sunglasses cubby in the Velar. And the cup-holders are a bit too tight to fit US beverage bottles without severe shoving and yanking. But that’s all I can complain about.

Spot-on super body design, super layout in the cabin. The all-digital-animation instrument cluster, nearly all the center console buttons replaced by a stacked pair of separately articulated glass panels, and nearly every operation handled through two touchscreen interfaces … I feel BATHED in Land Rover royalty and privileges.

Navigation Map is on a tilt-up touch screen with an ultra-wide screen ratio (widest ratio I’ve ever seen in 10-inch screens). The maps displays everything in a peppermint and raspberry-creme on white-chocolate color palette (…please don’t spill the wine).
Mind you, the SatNav that Jaguar snagged for its vehicles appears much more prepared to handle the quickly-changing traffic decisions of an URBAN area ( an XE SatNav menu has so MANY customizable settings and subcategories that it could readily confuse), but the SatNav the Range Rover employs a much more “privileged and posh” way of interacting with navigation.
And there doesn’t need to be a Fiona giving you directions. In the Velar, you can choose “Francoise”. Though the Jaguar SatNav voice is more natural and fluid to your ears (the Velar’s voice has a clearly too computerized slur), a bloke is a nice change to argue with in busy traffic. 8-)

The cabin’s ambient lighting at night is spot-on tasteful, and appropriate in locations around the seats and doors that I’ve never seen accent lighting placed in other cars.
The headlight are LED, but employ some sort of concentrated housing design (Matrix?) that is strikingly bright, brighter than any LED lamps from any maker I’ve seen on the road. The illumination is a tad higher and wider than city driving would ever need, but a terrific competitor to Jaguar’s Adaptive Xenon creation.

Two very different mindsets at work here. The XE is clearly concerned with focusing the “owner on the road”, and the Velar is concerned with a feeling of “command in the cabin”.

My First Edition model got compliments from people right from the first petrol station in the first half hour. “Yeeesss, Sir. Veeery Beeaautiful vehicle you have here, Siirr” I couldn’t tell if the pertrol-attendant was speaking to me, or hissing to me like a snake as he slid his hand all up and down car door :shock: :shock: :shock: :o . Once I drove away, there was white stuff (drool???) he left on the side of the car, I had to wipe off.

The gas service reader man in my neighborhood left my house, walked left toward his 2018 Ford pickup truck---saw the Velar parked in my driveway, and suddenly had to turn right and walk up my driveway to ask about it. “May I sit in it?”
I thought, may you sit in MY car? :evil: :evil: :evil: May you sit on a firehose!! What’s wrong with you! …I don’t even know the man, and he’s pleading to taste this vehicle!
Passerby couldn’t easily see the interior, but if they had, they’d want to steal this car from me.

It doesn’t leap into acceleration like a Jaguar, or growl that identifiable exhaust note (a Jaguar is distinctly a Jaguar, with no room to argue).
It doesn’t allow me to keep the rear camera “on” while driving down the motorway, like the 2017 XE.
The windscreen wipers are not as quick and aggressive to clean the glass as my XE.

But you DON’T care!
I’m not sure how many owners here are familiar with the Velar, but… I recommend you find an excuse to test drive one.
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Prof Pat Pending
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Re: Who has driven a "Velar"?

Post by Prof Pat Pending » Tue Nov 06, 2018 7:30 pm

I had one for a week while mine was in the dealership.

I’d only had the XE for a few weeks and having traded in a Volvo XC60 R Design (the stiffer version) with 20” wheels and a polestar upgrade I was quite used to largish quick 4x4’s.
I found the velar a nice enough place to be, but the adjustable suspension could have done with a bit stiffer setting for me, I found it a bit like driving my boat rather than a car. It didn’t seem to have much get up and go either, there may be other engine specs, it’s not really for me so I’ve not looked.

As you say though, lots of admiring glances and I enjoyed getting out of it while my boss was parking his Megane alongside it 😀
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Re: Who has driven a "Velar"?

Post by lexie » Tue Nov 06, 2018 7:35 pm

I've not driven the Velar, but I did drive a new Range Rover Sport just before I ordered the XE three years ago. Things will have moved on again in modernity terms with the Velar, but I got a similar vibe at the time. I likened the RR to having the style of a luxury motor yacht. It performed and handled amazingly well for tall 4X4 when thrown around, more float in the suspension than a car but impressive nonetheless. I now see why these RR's often end up in preference to luxury saloons.
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Re: Who has driven a "Velar"?

Post by pauljobr » Wed Nov 07, 2018 8:29 am

I had a P250 Velar for 3 weeks while mine was in the garage and as mentioned it is not a car for those who wish to enjoy the drive, but it is certainly a very nice way to get from A to B.
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