Write offs being sold repaired

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Re: Write offs being sold repaired

Post by BevC » Sun May 12, 2019 8:33 pm

The most worrying thing is most dealers use HPI to check a car and the fact that 80,000 write offs didn’t find their way onto the relevant database. As you can check your driving licence, road tax and insurance status, why on earth can’t you check a chassis number directly with the DVLA to check if there is anything untoward going on, such as write off details or dodgy mileage. How difficult can it be?

The really worrying thing is nearly every car they looked at wasn’t minor damage, it was major and possibly affected the structural integrity of the car, and yet whoever is perfectly entitled to sell this junker at auction. Instead of calling all categories write off maybe this needs changing too to better reflect how badly or not it was damaged and make this far more understandable on the V5.
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Re: Write offs being sold repaired

Post by Vespa » Mon May 13, 2019 8:11 am

That was one of the points made Bev. The insurance companies are not keeping DVLA up to date. One girl bought an 8 year old Golf and became the 3rd owner. Only when her V5 came through did it update to show a write off. Someone else between the crash and her buying it was also unaware, even the selling dealer. It wasn't until it was registered to her that the issue came to light. She was lucky and got a full refund. The HPI checks are also badly out of date on this issue. How many deadly heaps are out there? The insurance companies seem the biggest ones to blame for such slow processing of the info, then DVLA who drag their feet and HPI checks are also slow to update. Beware buying secondhand.
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