Phone compatibility with In Control

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Phone compatibility with In Control

Post by Vespa » Thu May 09, 2019 4:36 pm

I lost the In Control phone function to get info from the car because my phone became non compatible. I decided today to look again at phones to replace it and was surprised to see that many phones have some incompatibilty with the car. From other post on here some people are having problems with other various phone links to the car. To check yours go to ... Culture=en and enter your model year and follow the next, next, next prompts. Then it will show dropdowns of compatible phones. Find your phone and then click on "more info" and the various compatibilities will show. Check them all out as some facilities are not always there. Several have music playback problems and redialling etc. It may explain why some people are think they have faults. Those with other Jaguar types can also check their compatibility. I hope that may help with some connectivity problems.
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