what's your car trade in history to your 1st Jaguar?

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Paul in ull
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what's your car trade in history to your 1st Jaguar?

Post by Paul in ull » Sun Apr 12, 2020 6:16 pm

Good evening everyone,
I had to wait 32 years for my 1st Jaguar.
Here is a brief history of my trade ins, and i'd love to hear yours.
Started in 1988 with an L reg Vauxhall Viva 1.3l 157k on the clock, rusted away and left newspaper and p38 filler behind. :D
Escort mk 2 1.6l in beige, battery fell into passenger foot well.
Escort mk3 1.6l stolen. :evil:
2 mondeo's mk2 and mk3. 2ltr. both did me proud with over 120k on the clock. Kept my young family safe, very fond of both.
Mazda 3 sport, 150 bhp. first 'fast car'. great to drive. rusty wheel arches and alloys.
Mondeo mk 4 200bhp sport. my first automatic. It was a magnet for other cars, 2 accidents. my wife cried when we traded it in. :cry:

I have reached the promised land of Jaguar ownership. :mrgreen:
See below.
2016 Jaguar XE 25t R Sport (240) petrol. Part of the family from Feb 2019.
Rhodium silver with 18" 5* diamond grey alloys. Green tinted windows, forward camera, black leather with ambient lighting. Did i mention its silver, very very silver. :shock:

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Re: what's your car trade in history to your 1st Jaguar?

Post by Crieffy » Sun Apr 12, 2020 7:42 pm

Waited 30 years for mine..

1990... Started with a 1984 Austin Mastro 1.6GL (bought for £400, 2 weeks of welding, sanding and filling - cut a hole in the roof and put in a Fiat Uno sunroof and painted it with Dulux gloss... Passed driving test in it, then sold for £900 - the only car I've made money on :lol: )

Then a 1984 Ford Orion Ghia, 2 Vauxhall Novas, Porsche 944 Lux (crashed after a week - only accident I've ever had - met 3 sheep on a corner while going a little bit too quick), Ford Escort 1.3 for few months (I remember attempting to overtake something ahead of me doing 50mph - I changed from 4th to 3rd and put the foot to floor - all that happened was the engine made more noise - man that was depressing) then back to the Porsche for a year or so after repairs. guy that bought the Porsche wrote it off a few weeks later.

Then another 2 Novas :shock: 1986 Orion Ghia (lowered it and tinted all the windows, RS Turbo wheels) Toyota Tercel (I was desperate! Had just bought a house), Ford Orion L, Ford Mondeo Si, Toyota Avensis, Ford Focus Mk1, Fiesta Ecoboost x 2, Ford Focus Mk3...

Then in December 2018, a brand spanking new Jaguar XE R-Sport 8-)

Edit/ Just thinking about the earlier cars.... we had to use a choke, no ABS, no power steering. On the Novas I had, a passenger side mirror was an optional extra - a center console was a thing of luxury, normally just a gear stick sticking up through the carpet. Brake calipers would often stick, discs glowing red and plastic wheel trims melting - the Nova also had a nasty habit of locking the rear drum brakes under braking if the car had sat for a while in damp conditions.

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Re: what's your car trade in history to your 1st Jaguar?

Post by Nuttyspark » Sun Apr 12, 2020 8:23 pm

36 years wait for me.
Starting back in 1982, starting with my first car :-
MK II Cortina Deluxe H Reg
MK I Escort L, L Reg
Cortina MK IV Ghia 2.0L automatic S Reg
Cortina GL 2.0L X Reg
Orion 1.6i Ghia E Reg
Orion 1.6i Ghia H Reg
Mondeo 1.8 Zetec W Reg
Cougar MK II X pack 2.5L automatic 51 Reg
Focus MK III Titanium X 11 Reg
Jaguar XE R Sport 17 Reg Feb this year!

I'm sure I've missed some somewhere but can't for the life of me remember any more. Favourite car before my Jag was my Cougar. Loved that V6 growl. :D

The more observant of you will notice that this is my first none Ford Car!
2017 Dark Sapphire 180D. Cold climate pack, reverse camera, Meridian sound system and 10" touch pro. Oh and a fully functioning S/S. :o

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Re: what's your car trade in history to your 1st Jaguar?

Post by Crieffy » Sun Apr 12, 2020 9:05 pm

Nuttyspark wrote:
Sun Apr 12, 2020 8:23 pm
36 years wait for me.

Orion 1.6i Ghia E Reg

The more observant of you will notice that this is my first none Ford Car!
My 2nd Orion Ghia was an E-reg. Gorgeous black one - I tinted the windows, lowered it and put on RS Turbo wheels. The first one I had was 1984 one in a light metallic green - it must have had almost every option fitted and was much better inside than the later one. A friend of mine has bought one recently for his 15 year old son to do up for his first car.
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Re: what's your car trade in history to your 1st Jaguar?

Post by BevC » Sun Apr 12, 2020 9:12 pm

Passed my driving test in April 1983 and got my first car on 9 May. Got my first XE in 2016 so a wait of 33 years. My list is
Wolsley 1300 (had the 1275 mini engine with twin carbs) - failed MOT dismally on bodywork
Marina 1300L - the worst car I have ever owned
Escort Mk 3 1300 (which turned out was a chop and shut)
Cavalier Mk 2 1600 - mileage was getting high and my husband made a persuasive argument (we shared a car in those days)
Belmont 1600 - just didn’t like it
Cavalier Mk 3 2 litre (2 of these - one of which I kept for 7 years and only got rid of because the body was rusting away)
Briefly borrowed my mother’s Metro 1300
Astra Mk 3 1600 - hand me down from my husband (first time we had a car each) - he wanted me to get shot because it had been problematic for him, but I didn’t have any issues
Astra Mk 4 1600 - I much prefer a slightly bigger car and engine
Vectra Mk 2 2.2D - first diesel - collapsed on its front suspension on the drive
Insignia 2.0D - used a bottle of Evian to cool down the brakes in Waitrose car park after only having it serviced 2 weeks before - it was the worst car I have ever owned for going through brake pads and discs - by the end I really hated it
Astra GTC (160hp) 2.0D - ex fleet/hire car and cost Vauxhall nearly £2k under warranty - absolute stinker!

At this point I finally gave up on Vauxhall and turned to Jaguar and bought my first XE, which was a Prestige 163 diesel manual. I had her for 2 years and then the offer on a Portfolio was just too good to say no, so I didn’t and got my first ever brand new car, which was my XE Portfolio 180 AWD diesel - it’s also my first automatic. I absolutely love it.
Current MY2019 Corris Grey/Oyster Portfolio 180 Auto AWD
Previously MY2015 Polaris White/Ebony Prestige 163 Manual

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Re: what's your car trade in history to your 1st Jaguar?

Post by IIRXES » Sun Apr 12, 2020 9:19 pm

Austin montego
Peugeot 405
Nissan micra
Fiat Uno turbo x2 I miss those particular pocket rockets :-(
Alfa 33 veloce, and then 33 P4, full time 4wd quite awesome
Alfa 155
Vw Caravelle, turned into a camper
Fiat Bravo
Vw transporter turned into camper
Alfa Gt simply stunning
Ford focus
Alfa mito cloverleaf
Volvo C30
Jaguar XFS
Jaguar XFR
Jaguar XES supercharged 3litre
2015 XE S 3ltr Superbloodycharged Italian Racing Red with black pack and quad exhausts!

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Re: what's your car trade in history to your 1st Jaguar?

Post by BruceTheQuail » Sun Apr 12, 2020 10:10 pm

1982 Ford Laser coupe (loved that car - no air conditioning, basic 4 speed);
volvo 760GLE (much mechanical trouble);
1989 Toyota Seca twin cam (nice car);
1991 Mazda Astina;
Daewoo Leganza (the first sensible car I bought - and the last, what a dog);
Volvo s40 1.8 (old shape);
wife - 2000 Toyota Seca hatch;
1998 Volvo c70T5 (beautiful car, quite fast at the time - in a straight line);
2004 Volvo s60R (very fast in a straight line, very understeery);
wife 2004 Volvo s40T5;
2008 Jaguar XF v8 Prem Lux;
wife 2010 Volvo s40T5;
2011 Jaguar XF v8 Portfolio;
2011 Jaguar XKR;
wife Volvo s40T5CC (I actually liked this car but we only had it a year because out came the XE)
wife 2015 Jaguar XE 25T R Sport;
2016 Jaguar F Type v6S;
wife 2020 Jaguar XE P300 R Dynamic.

I drive the XE whenever I can pry the keys from my wife's clenched fist. I couldnt rave enough about it.
2020 XE P300 HSE R-dynamic in Firenze lotsa goodies incl RWD!
Daily driver - F Type V6 S in IRR with many chav accoutrements, pulley and tune
Gone but still loved - 2016 XE 25T R-sport in IRR

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Re: what's your car trade in history to your 1st Jaguar?

Post by 147daytona » Sun Apr 12, 2020 10:10 pm

1978, my 1st car, a blue Ford Escort Mk1 1300L, 2 days (driven into while parked by drunk driver) :o
White Datsun 180B Estate, 6 months, Dads cast-off, heavy and gutless with column gearchange.
Orange Datsun 120Y Coupe, 2 years. Rotted away.
White Opel Ascona 1.6 GL, 18 months (wrote off)
Gold Ford Capri 1.6L, 3 years, thought I was in the Professionals :lol:
Pale Yellow Fiat 131 Super Mirafiorri, 2 years. Nothing super about it but my first 5 speed.
Black Ford Fiesta 1.3 Supersport (Pre XR2), 2 months. Was a cut & shut :!:
Graphite Grey Ford Escort Mk3 1.6 Ghia, 3 years
White Ford Orion Mk1 1.6i Ghia, 7 years. Brilliant car, I added the Mk2 RS bodykit, 7 spoke wheels and lowering springs.
Red Ford Orion Mk2 1.6i Ghia, 6 months. Not a patch on the Mk1.
Dark Blue Ford Mondeo Mk1 1.8 GLX, 3 years.
Atlantic Blue Ford Mondeo 2.5 V6 ST24, 5 years.
Silver Alfa Romeo 1.9 JTD M-jet, 7 years, only let down once by power steering pump failure.
White Audi A5 Coupe 2.0 D S-line, 2 years, no driving feedback.
White Audi S5 4.2 V8 Coupe, 2 years. Awesome grip and sound but only 20mpg.
White Lexus IS 250 F-sport, 6 months. The slowest changing auto on the planet.
Dark Blue BMW 330i M-sport, 18 months. Good sound & performance but dull as dishwater.
Black Ford Fusion 1.3, 6 months. Inherited from my father-in-law and got me through the winter.
Italian Racing Red Jaguar XE 240 R-Sport, my 1st new car, 3 years and just changed for my current
Carpathian Grey XE 300HSE R-dynamic AWD

And my bikes,
1977, Brand new Yamaha FS1E-DX in yellow with black speed blocks, 1 year. 8-)
Yamaha RD125, 18 months.
Yamaha RD350 (pre 400, not the later LC) 2 years.
Honda CX500 V twin, 18 months.
Honda CX500 V-twin, newer model, 18 months.
Then a gap of 15 years when children came along.
Kawasaki ZZR600, 18 months.
Triumph Daytona 955i, 3 years.
Yamaha R1, brilliant bike but a licence loser, 2 years.
Triumph Sprint ST1050, 5 years.
Then another 5 year gap, but now have
Kawasaki Z900, my 1st new bike since my Fizzy, currently 1 year.
MY20 Carpathian Grey 300 R-Dynamic HSE AWD + loads of extras!
Previous, MY17 Italian Racing Red 240 R-Sport

Deleted User 732

Re: what's your car trade in history to your 1st Jaguar?

Post by Deleted User 732 » Mon Apr 13, 2020 8:01 am

MG Magnette (I was 12 driving on private land) Great car
Ford Anglia 105E Heap
Austin Cambridge A55 Mk2 Great car sold for more than I bought it for
MG Magnette another one Great car took us to Cornwall before the M5 was finished
Wolsley 16/60 OK but a bit too rusty
RR ( a few days) Gas guzzler and far too expensive to run after looking into tyres etc
Hillman Imp Heap, I don't know why I bought it
Mini Owned 7 days a right load of junk and not that old
Riley 4/72 Inherited from my Grandfather and sold on quickly as we had the Triumph
Triumph Herald Super reliable little car
Austin 3 litre auto RR Quality with RR fuel consumption but I loved it
Austin Allegro Heap
Vauxhall Viva 1300 deluxe (?) Heap and the dealer who sold it to me ended up in jail for all sorts of fiddles
Vauxhall Chevette Silouhette First brand new car.................... Total heap
Ford XR3 Troublesome rubbish dealer
Austin Maestro 1.6 Great car whilst I owned it
MG Maestro 2.0 Efi Superb car for me, tuned it up wth replaced suspension, brakes and other things. Featured often
in the MG Owners club mags in the late 80's and early 90's
Rover 214 Ok but underpowered
Rover 45 V6 Brilliant car
VW Passat crap dealers rusty from new
Jaguar XE 180D auto Nice car and fun to drive

Some were new and others Secondhand in good nick and a few were heaps. The biggest heap was the Ford Anglia. Biggest disappointment the VW after hearing about German engineering being so good. Loads of faults. The Jag was also going in that category but I give allowances as it was a new model and I expected a few niggles but got more than expected. Due to a good dealer I still have in nearly 5 years on and it is so far now behaving.
Would like, a Shelby Cobra or Mustang and now I have some money perhaps a nice Bentley

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Re: what's your car trade in history to your 1st Jaguar?

Post by Bazzamf » Mon Apr 13, 2020 10:41 am

I started my driving experience on two wheels, then three and finally four.
49cc Moped. I bought it when I was 15 years old and took it to pieces to decoke the engine. My first experience of working on engines.
125cc Lambretta LD. It had terrible drum brakes, the front would snatch. Terribly dangerous in the wet.
175cc lambretta TV 175. I loved this bike. It would be worth a fortune now.
300cc Issetta bubble car. I tried a trip from London to Newcastle upon Tyne and broke down in Boroughbridge. My girlfriend's dad towed me the 80 miles to get to our final destination. The car never went as fast. I'm sure he forgot I was being towed behind him.
Morris 1000. A reliable car for me. It never let me down
Hillman Imp. A great car to drive but a bit underpowered and unreliable.
Morris Marina. A very basic car but never let me down
Ford Corsair Auto company car. I loved this car, comfortable and refined.
Hillman Hunter company car. After the Ford I disliked this car. Its only saving grace was that it was an estate.
Austin 1100. It was a rust box.
Austin Alegro. Big comfortable seats, which was the best thing about the car.
Morris Marina. One of the worse cars I have owned. Clutch was fierce and it never braked in a straight line.
Ford Capri. This one had a 1300cc engine. A lovely looking car but was terribly under powered. I didn't keep it long.
Nissan Bluebird Auto. I really liked this car. My first Japanese car and it had all the extras.
Citroen GS. A lovely smooth drive but unreliable car.
Vauxhall Carlton. I liked this car but it blew a head gasket and it was never the same.
Mazda 626. I went looking for a Volvo and ended up buying this car. 2L auto and I loved driving it.
Audi A4. I hated this car. I could not get comfortable and didn't like the way it drove. It wasn't that reliable either.
Mazda 6 Auto company car. I liked this car. It wasn't that refined but drove very well. After leaving the Company I kept the car until it was seven years old.
Mazda 6 Auto. A definite improvement to my previous 6 and I kept it another seven years.
Jaguar XE Portfolio Petrol Ingenium. Absolutely the best car I have ever owned, without any doubt. It only took me 55 years of motoring to get here.
Bazzamf - 2017 XE 200PS Petrol Ingenium Portfolio in Santorini Black

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