NCP Carpark in Manchester (Palace Theatre/Whitworth Street)

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NCP Carpark in Manchester (Palace Theatre/Whitworth Street)

Post by JAGDH » Fri Jul 24, 2020 8:58 am

Not sure if anybody on here uses this carpark, but yesterday sometime between 7am and 4pm a colleague had the front passenger window on their Audi put through in this carpark. They hadn't left anything on the seat, they had a pair of Raybans in the sunglasses holder (They are so lovely and smooth those holders in an Audi :lol:) but those weren't taken, only a quid in small change.

As far as he knows it's only his car that was broken into on that day but he contacted NCP Staff, who refunded his parking for the day and offered him a free week of parking next week. They said they've had a spate of these incidents over the last couple of weeks and think they know who the culprit is, but they have struggled to get any evidence. They said they've also fixed the lock on the pedestrian entrance after about a year of it not working, and started to keep the exit shutters down (they will raise after inserting your ticket and driving up to them). Seems like they don't keep the entrance shutter down though, or they are tailgating so it obviously hasn't worked 100%.

Thought I'd post in case anybody here is from Manchester and uses the carpark. Extremely unlikely it would happen to you in there, but if they are genuinely experiencing a spate of these incidents maybe worth avoiding the quiet floors or going too far up during a time when the place is half empty. I'm sure they will also be increasing measures constantly to try and stop this but thought I'd post here in case it was of interest to any members.
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