XE-S Valuation

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XE-S Valuation

Post by Dre » Wed Jun 13, 2018 10:16 am

Hi Guys, looking to purchase a used XE-S from a main dealer - Listed price 31,990 they will only go down to 29.950 and have readvertised at 29,990.

This is the spec - Do you think its worth the 29.500 or should I be pushing for a bit more? Mileage is 7k on a 16 plate.

360-degree parking 360 Park Distance
aid Control
8" Touch screen
Adaptive Dynamics
Adaptive Headlamps
headlights with LED Xenon + LED Signature
signature DRL
Adaptive Speed Control
+ Queue Assist
Additional power
Advanced Parking Assist
Auto High Beam Assist
beam assist (AHBA) (AHBA)
8-speed automatic Auto Trans 8 Speed ZF
Black Pack Plus
Bright metal pedals
Carpet - Ebony
Cold Climate Pack
Console Stitch - Jet
Convex mirror glass Convex mirror glass
Digital radio (DAB) DAB Radio
Bonnet: deployable Deployable Bonnet
Door Stitch - Ebony
Style 5031
Door Trim Panel -
PVC/'taurus' leather PVC/Taurus
Double Locking
Drv & Pass Electric front
seat adj
Dynamic Mode
Electric 14 Way Driv
Seat Adjust
Electric 14 Way Pass
Seat Adjust
Emergency Braking Emergency Braking
Finisher-Carbon Fibre
Fixed Rear Seat
Forward Facing Camera
Front Park Aid
Frt/Rr Toughened
with Privacy Glass
Head-Up Display
Headlamp Operation
RHD -le􀂷 justify
Headlamp Power
Headlining - Moezine
Headrest Badge - S
Heated front Seats Only
Heated Front
Heated Steering Wheel
Heated Washer Jets
Highway Technology
Illuminated metal
treadplates with
brand-name scri
Infrared Reflective
Interior Mood
Lighting Prem (incl
Intrusion Sensor
IP facia (leatherette IP - Leatherette Taurus
'taurus' grain) Grain
IP Insert - Chrome
IP Stitch - Red
JaguarVoice system JaguarVoice
Jet / Jet Facia
Jet Contrast Stitching
Ebony headlining Keyless entry Locking
Wheel Nuts
Lumber Seat-4 Way
Adjust Bolster
Meridian™ Sound
Nav - Reg 1 Europe
NLI Head Unit Level C
NLI Navigation with SD
Perpendicular Parking
Power Fold, Auto-
Dimming Heated
door mirrors with
Powered Tailgate/Boot
Premium Carpet Mat
Set - Front and rear
Rear Armrest (with
Rear Spoiler Fixed
Rear View Camera
Rear Wheel Drive
Red Brake Calipers
Blind-Spot Monitor
(BSM) + Closing
Vehicle Sensing
(CVS) + Reverse
Traffic Detection
Seat Cushion Extension
Secure Tracker for
warranty period
Sensor Occupant
(ROW) with PACOS
Side Vents - Black
Space Saver Spare
Sport Seat
Sport Suspension
Taurus Grain Leather
Vehicle Protection CAT1
Wi-Fi Hotspot
Auto-dimming interior
rear view mirror
InControl Apps
InControl Remote
Premium for Warranty
Lane Departure
Parking Aid - Rear
Rain Sensing
Windscreen Wipers

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Re: XE-S Valuation

Post by Mr_Grumpy » Wed Jun 13, 2018 10:49 am

That seems to have every option in the book, but because it's a mixture of standard spec and extras, it's hard to tell. I couldn't see what the wheels were, or the BHP, but I might have missed them.

It will be hard to find other comparably specced cars online to compare it to.

There are some S owners on here, and I hope they'll be along to offer some expert advice. In my non-expert opinion you're getting a lot of car for the money.
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Re: XE-S Valuation

Post by Dre » Wed Jun 13, 2018 11:03 am

Thanks -
Its the 340ps with 19x7.SF/8.SR Style 5031 Black - I agree the spec is pretty loaded as it was a demonstrator (shame they didnt have the split seats!) and not having a comparison is why im umming and ahhing on the price

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Re: XE-S Valuation

Post by PhilB » Wed Jun 13, 2018 1:41 pm

As Mr G commented, most of that list is standard kit but it does look like the first owner has slung a fair few quid at it options-wise so pretty well loaded.
It's low mileage for the year and when I last looked at the approved used list online, getting below 30 grand seems about right.
I would have a look at the latest approved Jaguar list for the S country-wide and see what prices are like to compare.
Bear in mind that dealers south of Watford will have bigger prices as apparently we are all rolling in money down here.
:mrgreen: :roll:
It may well be worth looking at dealers elsewhere and be prepared to travel where prices may be very keen and they are more willing to knock money off or chuck in free servicing etc to do the deal.
But on what you have posted it does seem like a good one.
Obviously it will also depend on condition and if it's been looked after properly.
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Re: XE-S Valuation

Post by Jagxesmn » Wed Jun 13, 2018 4:30 pm

Two months ago I bought a non Jaguar approved XES 16 plate with 14k miles for £27100. Mine has the 20 inch wheels and black pack with no other options.
The example posted by the OP will come with 2 years extended jag warranty and a whole host of extras that mine doesn't have. Are they worth the extra? Maybe if you want them all!
Rear camera & front sensors would be good since I find reversing and judging where the bonnet ends an issue. Split seat also useful. Other extras are nice but I wouldn't pay extra for them - that's just my preference of course.

Some dealers will move cars from other branches around the country for free (or refundable deposit) so even if you see a car at the other end of the country you may be able to get it sent nearer to you. Mine was advertised in the North West for instance but I had it moved to Bedford for viewing.

Hope these comments are helpful.

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Re: XE-S Valuation

Post by Dre » Wed Jun 13, 2018 7:23 pm

Thanks for the advice guys! Still pondering on pulling the trigger

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Re: XE-S Valuation

Post by Domfow » Wed Jun 13, 2018 7:33 pm

Is it a dealer demonstrator or does the registration start with 'O', if the later it could be an ex Jaguar Cars demonstrator, these cars are loaded, by Jaguar staff to run for 6 months to a year then off to auction to be bought by dealers
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Re: XE-S Valuation

Post by TonyR » Wed Jun 13, 2018 8:16 pm


I have recently gone through this exercise and finally opted for a 2016 XES (340) with a similar array of options that is listed on your car from a main dealer and paid £30k for a car with 6k miles with the 2 year warranty. I would guess your car like mine was a Jaguar Management car which is a common method to provide the dealerships with competitively priced low mileage used vehicles to assist sales.

My thought process was ;

1. Saving of about £15- £20k on a new vehicle with these options
2. Additional years warranty probably worth £800
3. Low mileage for a two year old car which should help resale assuming I retain car for three years and average 5k miles a year (as I am retired) therefore potentially a 5 year old car with just over 20k miles.

1. Similar year cars are available for circa £27k with average mileage therefore paying a
premium price
2. Many of the options are arguably unnecessary and will have minimal added value particularly as a trade in vehicle
3. Unless the car is retained for a number of years because a premium price was paid at the beginning – the depreciation will be higher than a comparable model/year.

The main factor that influenced my decision was that I was able to negotiate a good trade in price on my old XJ ( compared to several other quotes) and that is something to consider – XE S' s are excellent cars but probably one of the slowest sellers for the Dealerships as it is a niche product with very few customers – so I would ask to speak to the Head of Business tell him/her that you are going to make a firm offer here and now of …..(£1k lower ) and see what the reaction is !

Hope that helps.
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Re: XE-S Valuation

Post by G7DCW » Wed Jun 13, 2018 8:23 pm

My car is an Ex-Jag car with an OE reg number, and also has loads of options. "Yours" also includes my favourite and very rare option - head-up display; oddly, mine also lacks the split rear seat. I've been looking for an XE S, too, and I feel the price is OK, especially with loads of options.

Pull that trigger!!
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Re: XE-S Valuation

Post by Dre » Wed Jun 13, 2018 8:47 pm

@TonyR - Thanks for the advice, looks like we have similar tastes! How long ago did you purchase? Also what are your thoughts on the value after lets say 3 years?

Some really good advice here lads...much appreciated

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