Things I miss about my XE

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Things I miss about my XE

Post by SussexCat » Thu Jul 12, 2018 9:29 am

It's approaching a year since a sizeable piece of heavy steel lying in the road in Shropshire sent my XE to Jaguar heaven. I have continued to follow this forum in the background. I am driving a Mini Clubman Cooper S at the moment and enjoy the room in it and the sheer difference of it to my XE and the XF before. After the upset of losing what was in the main a great car at only 2 years old, the Mini has been the perfect antidote because it's so different.

What I miss about the XE:

- The way it handled, steering, drive, everything
- Fuel economy
- The admiring glances and comments
- The elegant look of it
- The Oyster leather seats
- The paintwork shine after wax detailing
- The relative exclusivity of the car on the road
- Driving a British car - whatever that means these days

What I don't miss:

- Having an early 2015 car that meant it was back and forth to the dealer for the well-documented works
- The lack of room inside - the Mini has quite a lot more
- Finance! - Insurance and GAP cleared the whole lot and enabled me to buy the Mini for cash

So you can see there isn't a lot I don't miss about the XE and I will be tempted to look again when the hybrids and electrics are launched. But only after they have been on the roads for a couple of years to iron out the inevitable niggles. A Mini and an XE can't compared as like-for-like cars but what strikes me about the Mini is the build quality, that really is top notch. Seals that keep the muck out from inside the doors, the quality of the touch screen and the software and a sat nav that really works as you would expect it to. I don't like the road noise but that's because of the run flats.

I will continue to follow you all and will let you know if or when I restart my Jaguar journey.

Best wishes to you all.
Now written off and in Jaguar heaven:
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Re: Things I miss about my XE

Post by keith100 » Thu Jul 12, 2018 5:13 pm

Nice post.

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Re: Things I miss about my XE

Post by Fourwheels » Thu Jul 12, 2018 8:25 pm

Yes that is a nice post by SussexCat (who probably doesn't live on far from me), very nicely expressed.
I fully agree with the list of things we miss and I would love to have a Jaguar back on my drive but it will never happen.
I got rid of my 2015 model after a year of problems, rid off being the operative words.
Sad really but just too many problems and a huge disappointment to me, and before others jump and say 'well it was a new model' I have had a lifetime of buying new models but never experienced as many troubles.
For me I turned to a Mercedes C Class (I had E class previously). Like the Mini the quality is superb and to make just one point I have just returned from a three week holiday leaving the car in an extremely hot home garage. Unlike the Xe it started with the first press on the button and S/S was working by the time I reached the end of our road.
So come on Jaguar if you want us back get the act together.
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Re: Things I miss about my XE

Post by capese21 » Thu Jul 12, 2018 10:21 pm

Plenty of owners have had problems with Mercedes particuly the C class. They complain about the slow sat nav the creaks from the dashboard the lights in the door handles failing engine going into limp home mode, squeks from the suspension and the Stop start not working!! ect

I dont think any make of car is perfect although of all my recent cars I am enjoying the XE the most.

I havnt had any problems with my XE it is a early 16 plate but with only 25k on the clock so early days.

Ed :D

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Re: Things I miss about my XE

Post by redhot ES » Fri Jul 13, 2018 10:42 am

I drive my wife,s 5 door Cooper S as much as I do my Jag and you are right, they are chalk and cheese, but the build quality on Mini is excellent and it is great fun to drive, but from driving Mini to Jag ,I really do notice the ride quality and road noise on the Mini and we have normal tyres, previous with run flats were terrible. Got new 3 door Cooper S with ajustable suspension coming next month so that should sort that.

I am amazed at the ride quality on the Jag ,considering it rides on 20 inch rims with rubber bands for tyres

Down in this part of France Jaguar are like hens teeth and yes you do get admiring looks and your list of (what I miss about the XE) is spot on.

Now I have a new battery the SS has worked perfectly, but I just feel build quality falls just short of the German trio, which reflects second hand values, considering Jaguar cost more than the German,s in the first place.

We will be on Mini number 5 next months keep enjoying yours and you are right, when the new XE comes out give it some time for them niggles to get sorted.
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Re: Things I miss about my XE

Post by NewLester de Rocin » Fri Jul 13, 2018 1:48 pm

Cheers, that man!

I will be tempted to quote you from time to time. All the right words.
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Re: Things I miss about my XE

Post by jacw001 » Tue Jul 17, 2018 10:00 pm

Very interesting posts.

I do switch from Mini S manual to XE R Sport auto.

TBH, both cars are lovely I do miss my Mini and it is surely one of the greatest hatchbacks on the market.

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