Gearbox reset

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Gearbox reset

Post by Mikeyjd » Sat Nov 10, 2018 11:25 am

Sorry if this has been covered previously.

My car was taken in recently with a couple of issues. Stop-start not working and orange engine warning light.

Car was kept over night and battery recharged (I believed it was disconnected). Also some new software was installed.

When the car was returned both faults appeared straight away. While I am waiting to take the car back in, I notice that the gears seem to be behaving differently.

When I accelerate slowly there seems to be a slight jolt when the gears change up. Also when slowing down almost to a halt, the gears again seem to be a bit lumpy (they feel a bit like a manual gearbox when you release the clutch too quickly).

I am wondering if the software install has done something to the gearbox or reset it. I may be imagining it as I have only had the car a few months and maybe I am being paranoid after the original fault.

Any thoughts?
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Re: Gearbox reset

Post by Repairman » Sat Nov 10, 2018 12:57 pm

I had this when I first had mine, and it has come back, booked into dealer early December, making driving on damp roads interesting with backend squirming every time you try to move in a hurry, and I am talking moderate acceleration, not nailing it, my missus not impressed , she wants me to look for what she calls a sensible car.
Last time the tech reset the Engine airway adaptations and it has been good for last 12 months.
I have also noticed that it is lazy on changing up thro certain gears, for example if you have cruise control on at about 50 mph, and have to slow down resuming CC it speeds up normally and then sits at 2000 rpm for a good 30 secs or more before it changes up a gear, I pulled paddle and it was showing 5th gear, so don't know if its that area that has a problem.
what software did they update, there are so many modules that they update, that unless you ask what was updated you wont know if it is related.
I got told last time they had updated software, when I asked what was updated it took her a 1/4 hour to find out, and it was the ICT nothing to do with what the car was in for, that cannot be mentioned on this forum :)
I know what you mean about getting paranoid, I have some many random things happen, that I am afraid that if it wasn't so good to drive normally, I would get shot of car.
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