Blown Turbo? Out of Warranty?

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Blown Turbo? Out of Warranty?

Post by Chizz » Mon Jun 24, 2019 12:48 pm

This is the situation I faced. Was initially presented with a bill totalling almost £6,000 - Turbo, Intercooler, DPF, Catalytic Converter, SCR etc plus labour. The car was circa 8 months out of Warranty.

After some digging around (on here and elsewhere) it was apparent that quite a few others had suffered the Turbo disintegrating on them. Lucky for some that it was in Warranty.

After a few days Jaguar offered some 'goodwill' which amounted to circa 45% of the cost. The Leasing co (car was on a non-maintained lease) told me that was a generous offer. I told them I didn't agree with them, as the cost to Jaguar was significantly less at their rates as opposed to my Retail Prices. I pressed the leasing co (Jag Contract Hire/Lex) to advise me what they would do if the bill was theirs to pick up. They prevaricated and wouldn't answer the question. I believe I then found out why … they had emailed the dealer, without telling me, asking about cleaning the contaminated parts. The dealer said 'not recommended as then there wouldn't be a Warranty on the repair'. The dealer also told me that they had had two other cars in with them with the same issue from the same leasing co …. and the leasing co had the cars lifted from there to be taken elsewhere for repair. So, they were replacing the turbo and then having the parts cleaned!

Realising the above I refused the Jaguar goodwill and took the car elsewhere who assured me that 100% they could clean the DPF, Cat etc. I ended up with a bill of £1220+vat … less than half of what I was looking at if repaired at the Jag dealer with the goodwill.

I was also possibly facing a bill for some engine work, but the repairer assured me that provided the engine hadn't seized (it hadn't) then they could deal with it.

LESSON: Don't let Jaguar grab your b4lls and squeeze them.

The car is running as sweet as a nut … but I'm now returning it early (only by a few weeks) as I am not prepared to run the risk on it any longer. The moment it's out of our car park it's the leasing co's problem.

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Re: Blown Turbo? Out of Warranty?

Post by Cabby » Tue Jun 25, 2019 9:05 am

Failures on PCH cars when they are out of warranty are a ‘grey’ area. The lease company own the car and the customer is effectively hiring it. In my view the lease company should pick up the repair bill when it’s outside warranty (as long as you’ve maintained it correctly etc). I wouldn’t repair an Avis hire car on a 7 day hire, for example.

My last car was a BMW 330d on a 4 year lease. At 3.5 years, the adaptive suspension ECU went on the fritz which meant one had to be produced in Germany to my cars spec. Total cost would have been nearly £2k. BMW offered 50% and I argued the lease campany should pay the rest (as it was their car). The BMW dealer did all the negotiation, and I didn’t have to pay anything.

It would be interesting to get a legal ruling on this issue, but I suspect the lease industry wouldn’t want to fight a public case and for a precedent to be set.
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