PCV Excessive Oil Vapour

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PCV Excessive Oil Vapour

Post by danialdonohue » Fri Sep 13, 2019 7:34 pm

Evening all,

Car has had a rough idle and the exhaust has a weird resonant noise during acceleration for a while and finally decided to have a look into it!

I was looking for the vacuum lines and tested them to make sure they're ok, they seem to be, but I spotted my air intake has a lot of oil residue after the turbo!

After a brief panic I started pulling pipes off to see what it originated, thankfully it appears to be before the turbo; it's coming from the PCV!

I pulled the pipe from the crank case and struck up the car, low and behold, lots of oily vapour! I attached a video so you can see... No I didn't I can't upload a video, picture of the leak instead!


Now, I thought that a pcv valve controlled the ventilation at idle, to prevent exactly the issue I have? Does the XE have a proper pcv, or is it literally a pipe off the top of the head?

Also, I pulled the MAP sensor and cleaned it with carb cleaner, took it for a test drive and took off like a rocket; something don't ever recall my car doing! So I think I might have found a cause of many problems.

So, do the cars have a proper PCV?
Do I try and pull the parts off the head and have a look?
Do I just fit a catch tank and plead ignorant?

Obviously, once the problem is resolved, I have the joyous task of cleaning the intake and intercooler... 😒

Thank you in advance!

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